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From: Commander, Naval Special Warfare Development Group

Subj: Standard Operating Regulations of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group

1. Purpose. To publish policy and guidance for the Naval Special Warfare Development Group.

2. Cancellation. None.

3. Background. The NSWDG was established on the 24th day of September, 2012; in order to oppose the growing threats presented to our forces on the battlefield. The intent of this unit is to form a premier and formidable force on the battlefield that capitalizes on the aspects of teamwork, communication and coordination. In order to achieve this NSWDG utilizes real military structure, organization, procedures and tactics to give members a virtual military career.

4. Mission. The mission of NSWDG is to test, evaluate, and develop technology and maritime, ground, and airborne tactics applicable to Naval Special Warfare, while maintaining a force capable of forcible entry from the SEa, Air, and Land able to carry out asymmetric warfare independent of conventional forces.

5. Role. Every operator assigned to the NSWDG is first and foremost a shooter, as such all members will maintain a requisite skills and ability to ensure success on the battlefield.

6. Designation. While assigned to the NSWDG you may achieve designation in a number of different areas depending on training received, prior experience or needs of the unit. Once designated you are equally responsible to ensure complete success in that specialty in addition to your primary role.

7. Training. In order to maintain operational readiness NSWDG will conduct unit training. Training should be scheduled well enough in advance to allow for proper planning of individuals and to allow enough flexibility to adjust the training schedule in order to accommodate the intended recipients.

8. Rank. Rank is utilized within the NSWDG in order to establish a hierarchy for the purpose of organization, and shall be seen as an indicator of authority that is derived from a culmination of a member’s skill, experience and longevity with the unit. The Commander, NSWDG is the approving authority for all promotions.

9. Awards and Decorations. Awards and decorations are bestowed upon members as a reward for services that were rendered and are authorized for both meritorious and combat service. Members who currently serving or have previously served their country’s Armed Forces are authorized to request adjustment of their service record to include their awards and decorations earned during their service. The Commander, NSWDG is the approving authority for all awards and decorations.

10. Organization. NSWDG is comprised of a Headquarters Element, three Operational Elements, and one Training Element.

a. Headquarters Element- The Headquarters Element of NSWDG, consisting of the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Command Master Chief as well as the Commander’s support staff are charged with operational and administrative command and control over all elements of NSWDG.

b. Operational Elements- Gold, Blue, and Red Teams will maintain the ability to carry out the mission of NSWDG. Each Element will consist of a Platoon Commander, Assistant Platoon Commander, Platoon Chief, and up to nine additional operators.

c. Training Element- Green Team is charged with training all new accessions to NSWDG and ensure their operational readiness before assignment to an operational team.

11. Capabilities. NSWDG will maintain the ability to perform the following mission sets:
-Pre-emptive, pro-active counter-terrorist operations
-Counter proliferation operations
-Recovery of High-Value Targets
-Foreign Internal Defense
-Direct Action
-Sabotage and demolition
-Hostage Rescue
-Jungle and/or mountain warfare
-Scout/Sniper and Urban Sniper operations

12. General Orders. The following standing regulations govern the actions of all personnel subordinate to NSWDG, violations of any Order will result in disciplinary action.

No member shall hack, mod, glitch, or by any other means create, use, or take advantage of a game's defect in which an unfair advantage is given.

All members are expected to treat one another with respect, regardless of rank or position. All members are also expected to be respectful to the public gaming community and refrain from harsh language or aggressive behavior.

Operators are expected to remain active through the Naval Special Warfare Development Group’s Forums and in-game with fellow members.

All members are required to maintain a NSWDG authorized clan tag while holding an active membership.

All members are expected to follow orders given to them by ranking individuals. Likewise, all orders given must be of logic and reasonable taste.

Have common sense. If you know it should be done, do it. If it shouldn't, then don't.

Follow all other rules/orders that may be issued and not listed here.

No member of the unit shall disclose information with non-members; with the exception of generalized information in order to recruit members; tactics will not be disclosed to unauthorized sources.

All operators are expected to report those, privately to their superiors, who violate these rules as well as any other standing orders.

13. Discipline. In order to enforce regulations and enact justice any and all allegations shall be investigated, and any violations shall be forwarded to the Commander for review. The punishment awarded by the Commander shall be fair and proportionate to the violation(s).

14. Clarification. Additional information pertaining to the aforementioned or clarification is available upon request to the Commander.

CAPT BonnieBlue88
Commanding Officer, Naval Special Warfare Development Group

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