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25th Sep 2012

Copy and paste into a new thread titled with your XBL ID; address all fields completely and truthfully, place an X within the "[ ]" to answer the list type questions. Once posted click on the "Join NSWDG" link on the menu bar and verify that you have submitted an application, by doing so you are allowing the site to register you as a member without disclosing your email to everyone on a public forum.

Copy everything below the line and paste into a new thread.

I. General Information





Time Zone:

II. Gamer Information

How many hours per week do you spend in-game?
[ ] 1 hour
[ ] 2 to 6 hours
[ ] 6 to 12 hours
[ ] 12 to 20 hours
[ ] 20 to 24 hours
[ ] 24+ hours

When do you typically play?
[ ] Daily
[ ] Weekdays
[ ] Weekends
[ ] Varies

III. History and Experience

Have you ever served or are you currently serving in the Military?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No

Branch of Service
[ ] United States Army
[ ] United States Navy
[ ] United States Marine Corps
[ ] United States Air Force
[ ] United States Coast Guard
[ ] Non-US Military Service

Have you ever been in a MilSim or Military Realism unit before?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No
-If "Yes," please list the name of unit(s) and position(s) held:

Where you ever kicked out of a clan or forced to leave a clan for violating regulations, rules or policies?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No
-If "Yes," please provide comments here:

Why do you wish to join Naval Special Warfare Development Group?

What can you bring to Naval Special Warfare Development Group?

What do you expect to gain from being with this unit?

Additional Details
-Provide anything you wish to add, that was not addressed above:

Forum » Dam Neck Annex » Recruitment
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